Medicago truncatula (Barrel medic)

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About the genome:

Overview (from

Among legumes, Medicago truncatula is considered an outstanding model for genome research. Unlike most crop legumes, Medicago has a compact genome, simple genetics, short generation time, relatively high transformation, and large collections of mutants and ecotypes.

The Medicago truncatula sequencing project was initiated with a generous grant from Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation to the University of Oklahoma. Beginning in 2003, the National Science Foundation and the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme provided funding to complete sequencing of the remaining euchromatic genespace.

Six chromosomes are being sequenced by NSF project "Sequencing the Gene Space of the Model Legume, Medicago Truncatula," and two are being sequenced by partners in Europe.


This release of Phytozome includes release Mt3.5v4 from the US/EU Medicago truncatula genome sequencing project with:
Approximately 241Mb arranged in 8 chromosomes plus 16.6Mb of unmapped sequence.
44,135 loci containing protein-coding transcripts
45,888 protein-coding transcripts
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