Physcomitrella patens v1.6 (Moss)

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About the genome:


Physcomitrella patens ssp. patens ecotype Gransden 2004 is a species of moss, which is a basal lineage of land plants, having diverged before the acquisition of well developed vasculature. Thus, it stands in an important phylogenetic position for illuminating the evolutionary development of "higher" plants, including those that are model organisms, such as Arabidopsis, and those of commercial importance, such as poplar, corn, soybean, sorghum, and rice. Having the full Physcomitrella genome sequence is a great asset for reconstructing the evolution of plant genomes and for informing the community in the functional genomics of plants, just as the mouse, Fugu, Drosophila, and other genomes have informed animal biology (from JGI - The Joint Genome Institute).


This release of Phytozome includes gene annotation (v1.6) of Physcomitrella patens from Cosmoss - The Physcomitrella patens resource. Scaffold and their associated gene models that were identified as contaminants in 2009 have been removed.
Approximately 480Mb arranged in 27 chromosomes, assembled into 2106 scaffolds.
32272 loci containing protein-coding transcripts
38354 protein-coding transcripts
An older version (v1.1) is also available at JGI.
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